Message from the President

Dear Colleagues


I feel it is a tremendous honor to be chosen by the scientific committee as the new President of the Comparative Education Society of Cambodia (CESCam), and I will always remember it as a highlight in my career as a researcher and educator. I hope to continue my predecessor’s work and work together with other members to enable CESCam to fulfill its vision and objectives and reach greater horizons.

One of the important objectives of CESCam’s work, which is shared by all of us as members, is our interest in education for shared community and prosperity and our commitment to fostering a sense of academic research among young scholars and junior researchers in the region and ensuring that our research studies will also contribute to policy dialogue and promoting development. We also give importance to providing an intellectually engaging space in our conferences and facilitating overarching discussions among researchers, academicians, and delegates from national and international organizations, all aim to make a positive impact and enable and build capacity in educational research.


CESCam is also linked with national and international learned societies, including the Comparative Education Society of Asia. Our membership and network make it an ideal place that provides possibilities for all members to enhance their own opportunities to advance their academic careers, actively shape the Society, and further develop its impact.


I invite you to make use of these opportunities, be engaged, and help ensure that, as a learned society, CESCam continues to offer an encouraging atmosphere for deep analysis concerning educational science and critical debate on core issues reflecting the contemporary development of education in Cambodia, regionally, and globally. This is also an aspect of our role that we can develop further.


With best wishes


KHIENG Sothy, Ph.D