Dr Ky Ravikun

Dr Ky Ravikun

Vice-Rector for International Relations and Research, Phnom Penh International University

Dr Ky Ravikun has started her career in higher education since 2002. She finished her high school in Cambodia and went abroad to study on scholarship program in Moscow at People’s Friendship University (formerly Patris Lumumba Friendship University), Moscow, Russia, from which she earned her Bachelor and Post-graduate degrees.

Upon returning back to Cambodia, she worked with the EU Observation Team for UN organized Elections in Cambodia, in the capacity as translator/ interpreter and assistant to EU Team in 2001. She then moved on to higher education sector in 2002. In higher education management, she started as Academic Coordinator, and later was promoted to Vice-President for Students’ Affairs, Academic Affairs and International Relations, and Vice-Rector for International Relations and Research, the position she was appointed in 2020. Before moving up to the status of Vice-Rector, she had been working for several years as Director for International Relations, and Internal Quality Assurance (IQA). She also gives lectures to undergraduate students, and contributes those of postgraduates as well.

Dr Ravikun has been much involved with Quality Assurance (QA) since 2005, when she was selected as one of the External Assessors by Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC), which was set up by the Royal Government of Cambodia and whose mandate is to administer accreditation to all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to ensure and promote the quality of higher education in Cambodia. Since then, she has been involved in assessment of the Foundation Years (from 2005 to 2010) and Institutional Assessment in 2015-2019, where she assessed more than 60 HEIs in Cambodia in her assigned capacity by ACC as team member and team leader.

She also attended many seminar/workshops/fora on Higher Education Management and QA at national and international levels. She also played very active role in the framework of SHARE programs (ASEAN-QA and Internationalization of HEIs), SHARE-TrainIQA, and DIES (NMT) program.

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